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This blog is written solely by me, Maria. I am in no way a trained nail technician or professional and the tips and advice shared by me are based on my own personal experiences. I may accept free products offered for non biased use or review from companies and organizations. All opinions expressed are my own.

Since I am not a trained technician, I get inspiration for my designs from some of the best nail artists I follow on social media. I also get inspiration from pictures taken by my husband who is a photographer. Obviously, my design is not as crisp as the picture bellow 😉

rapeseed field
© Fotograf Michael B. Rasmussen

If some of the designs seem familiar, or you feel you need to be credited, please do let me know. I have done nail art for years, and I don’t always remember if someone out there has inspired me or not. However, the following nail artists are the ones I follow on social media and admire for their amazing skills and whos techniques I have used on some of my designs:

Yagala S
Tartofraises nail art / Cutenails
Sveta Sanders
My Simple Little Pleasures

You can find the mentioned artists on youtube, instagram etc. I follow them mostly on Youtube since they make amazing tutorials of their designs.