Glitter galore

When I discover new types of nail polishes, I have to give it a try. When I read the description for the above nail polish, I thought WOW, can it be? On they write “Made with SolarActive® Technology, each shade dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside.” and with the images on their webpage, I thought well I really have to try it out. I found a webshop in Denmark who sells it and ordered it right away. 


Outdoor in sunlight

This polish is beautiful! It’s a sheer fine-glitter/holo with base of green and specks of gold that shimmer in the light. As you can see in the images above (Click the images to enlarge), the difference between indoors and out in the sun is not that obvious. Left image is indoors where the green pops, and the right one is in the sun where the green is dampened by the gold specks. I think maybe using Seche Vite as top coat might have effected the end result. But regardless of how little the change is which left me quite disappointed, I still think it’s a beautiful green polish 🙂 

As always, I started with a base coat. I had to use 3 layers (4 might be better) of Ruby wing to get it opaque enough and finished with Seche:

Appeal4 Nail booster – used as base coat
Ruby Wing – Professional Mermaid (Sunken Treasure collection)
Seche Vite – Fast drying top coat

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